Twelve track elements provide outstanding conditions for research, development and validation of single systems up to full vehicles. Classic elements such as an oval circuit, a vehicle dynamics area or a handling course are among them. The new and highly variable urban environment allows inner city situations while the Autobahn element is best suited for interurban traffic.


Oval circuit from 84.–

The oval provides a total length of approx. 2 km and comprises 3 lanes. Depending on the lane and the curve radius, a lateral force free driving up to 117 km/h is possible. The straights are each 400 m long. Trucks can use the oval – the gross axle weight can be up to 10 t.


Surface Asphalt
Length of straigt [m] 2 x 400
Length lane 1 / 2 / 3 [m] 2074 2097 2120
Width lane 1 / 2 / 3 [m] 3.75 3.75 4
Longitudinal inclination straight [%] < 0.4
Maximum lateral inclination
north / south curve [%]
67 / 72
Lateral inclination straight
west / ease straight [%]
2.5 / 1.4
Radius north / south curve [m] 186.5 / 113.5
Maximum load per axle [t] 10
Lateral force free cornering speed
Lane 1 north / south curve [km/h] 42 / 34
Lane 2 north / south curve [km/h] 79 / 64
Lane 3 north / south curve [km/h] 117 / 96

Rough road from 84.–

The rough road is located directly adjacent to the east straight of the oval. It offers 4 different rough road elements: plate bumps, saw tooth profiles, Belgian block and rough asphalt.


Surface access Asphalt
Length [m] 400
Length / width [m] 340 / 3.5
Longitudinal / lateral inclination access [%] 0.3 / 3.5
Length / width concrete plate bumps [m] 175 / 3.5
Length saw tooth profile [m] 144
Length Belgian block [m] 144
Length / width rough asphalt [m] 400 / 5
Longitudinal / lateral inclination rough road [%] < 0.4 / 1.4 - 2.5
Maximum load per axle [t] 10

Vehicle dynamics area from 135.–

The vehicle dynamics area is a flat, 210 m diameter circular surface that can be used by motor cycles, passenger cars and trucks. The regular acceleration lane is 400 m long and can be extended optionally up to 500 m. Separate return lanes are directly connected to the circular surface. It fulfils all requirements for Safety Assist Tests according to Euro NCAP.


Surface Asphalt
Length approach [m] 400
Length approach with optinal extension [m] 500
Minimum / maximum width approach [m] 6 / 40
Diameter vehicle dynamics area [m] 210
Maximum load per axle [t] 10

Parameters of the Road Edge route according to Euro NCAP LSS protocol atc lss 2atc lss 3

Surface Asphalt
Length [m] 480
Longitudinal and lateral inclination [%] < 1
Markings variable, as by customer demand

The Road Edge route according to the latest Euro NCAP test protocol "Lane Support Systems" (Version 3.0.2, July 2019) is available upon exclusive booking of the vehicle dynamics area.

Sensor Duct

At the corner of the vehicle dynamics area, a duct allows the installation of different sensors or cameras at surface level. Thus vehicles can be shot from underneath or tire contact patches can be analysed while the vehicle is driving.


Duct depth [mm] 1,200
Ground plate [mm] turnable; R = 460
Sensor fixture [mm] 400 x 400
Thickness of sensor fixture [mm] 80
Potential applications Analysis of tire contact patches
Determination of contact pressure
Thermal image generation
Connections Optical fibre, DC 240V

Sensors are not included

Hill section from 84.–

The hill section offers slopes of 5 %, 12 % und 30 %. The 12 % track can be flooded, allowing hill starts with low friction (µ-low). The gross axle weight can be up to 10 t.


Surface Asphalt
Slope [%] 5 12 30
Lateral inclination [%] 2.5 1 1
Length of constant slope [m] 26 85 20
Constant width [m] 6.5 6.6 5
µ-low surface Avertol
Water level [mm] < 2
Diameter turning area [m] 19
Maximum load per axle [t] 10

Multi-functional area from 135.–

The multi-functional area is 65 x 100 m2 and has a max. long itudinal inclination of 1 %. It has numerous access roads and an observation container.


Surface Asphalt
Length x width [m2] 100 x 65
Lateral inclination [%] 0
Longitudinal inclination [%] 1 (SE to NW)
Markings variable, as by customer demand

Intersections / Straights from 135.–

The intersections are highly variable for individual test cases. This concerns the lane setup as well as the positions and configuration of the artificial buildings. Connection points for sensors are in short distance to each other. Positions for traffic lights, traffic signs and street lighting are very flexible.


Surface Asphalt Asphalt Asphalt
Maximum length of approach [m] 170 190 50
Width in intersection area [m2] 17 x 17 17 x 8 x 7 8 x 7
Distance of connection points [m]
(network and power)
15 15 20
Lane setup variable, up to 5 variable, up to 3 variable, up to 3
Artificial buildings variable, built of concrete variable, built of concrete or wood none
Traffic lights yes, V2X yes, V2X yes, V2X
Euro NCAP Protokol   AEB VRU Version 3.0.2, July 2019
CCFTap Version 3.0.1, February 2019
Length [m] 210 260 130
including multi-functional area 350 400 210
Width [m] 7 – 17 7 – 8 8

Parking area from 84.–

In the parking area several lots of different orientation and enclosure (like curbs, banquet, guardrails) are available. They can be equipped with parking sensors.


Surface Asphalt
Parallel lots 3
Rectangular lots
with various widths
Diagonal lots 3
Lateral inclination [%] < 1
Longitudinal inclination [%] < 1
Curbs yes, at west side
Guard rail yes, at west side
Parking sensors possible

Autobahn request

Just next to ATC the FTL GmbH operates the so-called Film + Test Location. It comprises in particular an Autobahn segment that can be used for test drives. The segment provides two lanes per direction and has a length of 1.000 m. FTL GmbH furthermore offers an event space as well as small office and workshop facilities. We gladly support in renting out these facilities.


Surface Asphalt
Length of first straight [m] 529
Length of second straight [m] 253
Length of bend [m] 221
Diameter of end loops [m] 58
Lanes per direction 2
Traffic barrier Concrete, segmented
Height of traffic barrier [m] 0.81
Event space [m] 100 x 25 (2500 m2)
Workshop tent L x W x H [m3] 20 x 10 x 6
Office container 1 office room (25 m2) with kitchenette and WC

Braking test track from 144.–

The measuring part of the braking test track has a length of 150 m and comprises an asphalt and a tiles lane, which are each 4 m wide. Both lanes can be flooded, allowing µ-split tests.


Surface Ceramic / asphalt
Length approach [m] 200
Length / width ceramic tiles surface [m] 150 / 4
Length / width asphalt [m] 150 / 4
Longitudinal / lateral inclination braking track [%] 0 / 0.5
Water level tiles
(Asphalt optional) [mm]
< 2
Friction tiles [μ]
approx. 0.1
Friction asphalt [μ]
(flooded / dry)
approx. 0.6 / 0.9
Width safety areas [m] 4
Maximum load per axle [t] 10

Handling track from 84.–

The handling track is 800 m long, with an extension option for 1.200 m. The track is 6 m wide with adjacent run-off areas. A 1 g dip allows a dedicated vertical acceleration of the vehicle. The handling track can be used by passenger cars only.


Surface Asphalt
Driving direction variable
Total length [m] 800
Total length with optional extension [m] 1200
Width [m] 6
Length / Width 1 g-dip [m] 10 / 6
Altitude difference 1 g-dip [m] 0.25
Width safety areas [m] < 7
Maximum total weight [t] < 10

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