Workshops, offices and conference facilities are available while working at site. Furthermore, event space is available that can be used in many ways. A mobile office, which can be placed at different positions, as well as a covered parking supplement our offer.


The buildings are located at the entrance to the proving ground, which can be overseen from there widely. Thus you can follow the activities at the different track elements. All facilities can be shut separately and screened for privacy, allowing to carry out confidential work.

Workshops from 320.–


2 work spaces each L x W x H [m3] 10 x 6 x 6.75
Aperture W x H [m2] 4 x 4.5
• car lift
• pressured air supply
• tire mounting and balancing machines

Officesbuero2 sem1 sem2 mmf1 mmf2 mmf3 from 230.–


Office building
Meetin room 1 + 2 + 3 [m2] 30 – 36
Meetin room multi-functional area [m2] 30

Mobile office from 95.–


Mobile office
Work spaces max. 4
Accoutrement Lights and radiator

Covered parking from 30.–


Covered parking, alarm-secured
Parking spots (passenger cars) 24

Garages Bild 2Bild 3Bild 4Bild 5 ab 45,–

Our garages are each equipped with 2 sockets, lighting with motion detector and electric segment doors with remote control. The large-capacity garage also has an entrance at the side.


Single garage
Garage dimensions L x W x H [m3] 5,98 x 2,98 x 2,55
Raw gate clearance L x W [m2] 2,88 x 2,01
Gate clearance L x W [m2] 2,80 x 2,00
Double garage
Garage dimensions L x W x H [m3] 5,98 x 5,95 x 2,55
Raw gate clearance L x W [m2] 5,04 x 2,01
Gate clearance L x W [m2] 5,00 x 2,00

Event area request


Event area
Surface Gravel
Area L x W [m2] approx. 94 x 38 (3500 m2)

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