New urban environment available now

According to plan, we have put our new urban environment into operation on 1 October 2018. It comprises intersections, straights, parking areas, pedestrian walkways and crossings as well as a multi-functional area.

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After a short construction phase of only six months, our new urban environment is now operational. It allows generating almost every traffic situation that exists in cities. This covers intersections with traffic lights, roundabouts, parking areas, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and much more. The track sections are designed to be very variable and can thus be adopted easily to the user needs. Artificial buildings made of concrete block elements or wood are one example, variable road markings are another example. As all parts of Aldenhoven Testing Center, the urban environment “CERMcity” is connected with a high bandwidth backbone. Thanks to the 5G Mobility Lab of Vodafone, latest cellular standards are available as well as different WiFis and traffic lights which communicate according to the V2X standard.

The urban environment has been built by RWTH Aachen University with funding by the Federal Ministry fur Education and Research. It is now operated by Aldenhoven Testing Center and fully integrated into the well-established operations. Please approach us any time, allowing us to support your test planning.

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