Extension and maintenance works 2018

This year and in order to keep offering our customers even better testing possibilities, extensive construction works take place at Aldenhoven Testing Center. These construction works will have some effect on the availability of our track elements. In general though, all our tracks will remain available throughout the year, with exception of the below described areas.

In short: what and when?

[Graphic: Construction works 2018]
Maintenance of the oval

start: 16 February 2018
expected end: 09 July 2018

Extension of city environment

start: 11 April  2018
expected end: 30 September 2018

Which tracks are affected when?

In order to eliminate the unevenness in certain tracks of the oval, it has to be fully closed from 16 February until 09 July 2018 (expected end). However, all other tracks will be available during this time. For many tests alternative tracks are available. Please contact us for guidance.

In addition and partly parallel, we will build an extensive urban testing environment on a so far unused are of the southern infield. The construction works are to start in April and last until September 2018 (expected end). The new environment will particularly facilitate research and development with regards to automated and connected driving functions. Since the area to be used is adjacent to the intersection and handling course, temporary closures of these are likely. We will of course announce them as early as possible.

During the year, additional smaller maintenance works will be done on certain tracks. We will announce them on our website as well as in our weekly newsletter on track availability. Fixed bookings will of course be taken into account as far as possible. Thus we recommend early bookings as this will be considered while planning the track closures.

Whom can I talk to?

We are well aware that the construction works will come along with some inconveniences for our customers. By parallelisation, we try everything to reduce the effects as much as possible. Please contact us to discuss your planned tests and finding alternatives, if necessary. As usual, the best contact is by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning +49 2464 9798311.

We appreciate your understanding that improving and enhancing our testing offer cannot fully avoid effects on normal operations. You are kindly invited following the works in our (German) blog. As usual, short term closures are communicated on our start page as well as in our weekly newsletter.

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